flight planned and bought

I bought my flight ticket! Not straight to Brussels though – I’m going to Nijmegen on August 31st so I could spend a week in the hometown of my Dutchie Matthijs. (The photo is from my first trip to Nijmegen in June 2011.) After pretending that I’m finally living with him for a little bit, I’ll grab my suitcase(s) and take a train to Brussels where my small apartment should already be waiting for me.

Since one of my fears (that has not been added to the hopes&fears list yet) is that I’ll be lonely in Brussels, I’ll have to do my best to find friends there. Otherwise my life would mainly consist of taking care of kids, skyping with my family and visiting Matthijs on weekends. I made an account on couchsurfing.org where it’s possible to find accommodation on someone’s couch, offer yours to a fellow traveller or just meet up with people in your town or somewhere on travels. I’ll try to find friends through that and of course find the local Estonian community as well – there’s a lot of Estonians living in Brussels.


4 thoughts on “flight planned and bought

  1. I don’t actually like rating my Dutchies, they’re all awesome and insane. But yes, I’ll definitely visit you too 😀


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