Hobbit Who?

This blog is now inactive since my au pair adventure is over. I left the information as it was when it was stil relevant 🙂

Why hobbit? Because at 154cm it’s a quite natural nickname to have. So, I’m a short girl who happens to love Tolkien’s stories and travels, so this is a hobbit’s great adventure in Western Europe.

My name is Terje, I’m 23, a fresh university graduate and trying to figure out what to do with my life. This blog is about my life as an au pair in Brussels and all the travels I hope to do during that time.

Sometimes I mention my host family in blog posts, but I never write their real names here in order to protect their privacy. So I’m living in Brussels with FrenchDad, EstMum (because EstonianMum would be too long), 3-y-o Minnie and 2-y-o Mickey.

3 thoughts on “Hobbit Who?

  1. Hello Terje, nice pictures! We really like the Nijmegen City picture. Are we allowed to use it for a flyer for for example students from Nijmegen and for our website? Otherwise we will have to go and take the pictures ourselves. But yours looks great! Can we use it?

  2. Hello!
    You can use the photo, but I would like some compensation for it since it will be used for a business site. So if I get 20€ for the website and 20€ for the flyer, you can get the photo. If you’re still interested, give me an e-mail address where I could contact you and send the necessary information.
    All the best,


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