Ouwehands Dierenpark

This year I have been to two zoos. This is a lot more zoo visits than I have had in the previous five years or so and I have Matthijs to “blame” for that. Earlier this year we went to Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem and this week we visited another Dutch one: Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen. I was secretly rather glad that there weren’t too many birds around in this one: it meant that I didn’t have to walk back and forth in boredom and remind Matthijs every now and then that there are other animals in the zoo as well and there is no need to photograph every tiny movement an owl makes. I blame my parents for infecting everyone with the photography disease, Matthijs is a changed man since he met them.

This fella was one of my favourite models. Plus it was a much nicer experience than taking photos at the previous zoo and then later realising I had been photographing a monkey eating its own poop. Bon appetit!

Classic monkey business, cleaning each other and getting a snack out of it as well. They were fun to watch, that area was always full of movement – quite the opposite of what the tigers and lions were doing. Cats will remain cats, no matter what size they are. Just lie in the sun and don’t move, that’s the best course of action. Cute to watch, but gets boring rather fast.

Some bears followed the cat path of just being there and doing nothing, but we did see some bear action as well. First they just went for a swim and then it turned into what you can see on the photo. It lasted for quite a while, resulting in a quarter of my camera’s memory card being filled with photo evidence of a bear fight. There were supposed to be some wolves in that mini-forest as well, but unfortunately we didn’t see any. I wasn’t too surprised though – with the amount of screeching kids in the forest I wouldn’t come out either, I’d find the furthest cave and hide there.

It was very lively at the polar bear cage as well. Unfortunately the thick glass didn’t allow for good photos, but I had to snap one of this playful cub. It was very intrigued by a massive white dog who didn’t look too different from the cub. Whereever the dog went, the cub followed on the other side of the glass.

Obligatory bird shot. Plus I really like the colours.

And of course it wouldn’t be a proper zoo visit without penguins. Everybody loves penguins. In this zoo it was actually possible to go in the middle of the penguin area. Sadly there was a thick glass bubble surrounding you, so you could just pop up in the bubble area and look around, but even without the possibility to pet a penguin it was awesome to see them that close. Petting a penguin is definitely on my bucket list, next to hugging a koala.

I’m a bit sad this photo isn’t sharper, but it’s the best shot I got from the sea lion show. The sea lions were absolutely awesome and they seemed to have a lot of fun with showing off their skills. Plus they got rewarded with fish for everything they did, so they were quite eager to splash around and twirl and do everything the trainers told them to do.

The first few rows got rather wet during this part – the trainers told the sea lions to splash, so they did and drenched everyone around them in the process. The kids in the first rows were screeching with delight.

One of my favourite parts in Ouwehands zoo. The aquarium areas weren’t as impressive as the ones in Arnhem, but there was still plenty to see. I spent ages in front of this particular aquarium, photographing the beautiful floaters from every angle.

This and the previous photo can also been seen in the header area every now and then. Every photo I have used as banners here has been taken by me. I just uploaded a bunch and now they take turns in being the header. At first all photos were from Tallinn, but now I have gathered enough foreign pics to slowly replace them. After all, this blog is supposed to be about my adventures abroad.

The hobbit is off (it’s market day in Nijmegen and I need to get some fruit), the next post will probably be from Brussels. Only three days to go until moving there!